Volume 5, Issue 2

15 Apr

Issue 5.2 (final)

 Fire walk with Issue 5.2.  

This time around we get our dark, offbeat fix from Garrett Biggs and C.J. Hallman—two first-timers hailing from Denver and Beijing, respectively—and from undisputed heavyweight champion of the MC, Brad Rose. 

Big things on the horizon, poppets. The Best of Vols. 1 & 2 print anthology will finally see the light of day, and before that, our first contest (with prize money!) will begin. The Flash Monster contest guidelines will be released within the next week, so keep an eye out for that. Essentially, all stories will require a monster of some kind, though the exact definition of that will be open to interpretation. Winners will receive cash, be published in our special prize-winners Halloween issue, and get automatic placement in a future print anthology. So get those monstrous creative juices flowing.

Hold onto your butts,

Josh Goller


Paper Dolls

by Garrett Biggs

Escape Artist

by Brad Rose

The Organist

by C.J. Hallman


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