Volume 2

Vol. 2, Issue 24

Country Club Coup d’état by Matthew Dexter 
Miss Anthropy by Devon Robbins
Alone at the End by William Lapham


Vol. 2, Issue 23

The Black Angel’s Death Song by Victoria Large
Something in the Night by Chris Leek
How We Found Each Other by Carol Deminski


Vol. 2, Issue 22

Lost at Sea by Brad Rose
Sock It by J. Spinazzola
Salvation-7 by Donald Raymond Jr.


Vol. 2, Issue 21

The First Time by Melissa Middleberg
An Intervention of Sorts by Lancaster Cooney
An Earnest Prayer by Paula Sophia Schonauer



Vol. 2, Issue 20

Bedwetter by James Claffey
Ending Soon: Baby Shoes, Never Worn, bargain!
by Nicola Belte

Rainbow by D. Frederick Cook

Vol. 2, Issue 19

Lilah Wakes Up by Michelle King
My Family Tree is Rotten but Keeps Bearing Fruit 
by Diane Gillette
The Director by Henry Kellogg

Vol. 2, Issue 18

Spare Parts by Kate Smith
Christmastime in Michigan by P. James Trobaugh
The Electrician by Jennifer Gough


Vol. 2, Issue 17
We Are Empty and Endless by Gibson Culbreth
Guillermo by Armel Dagorn
The Price of Victory by Kristian Iliev
Cheers to the Gators by Justin Hannah

Vol. 2, Issue 16

Snow, 1952 by Katherine Horrigan
Last Night at the Holiday Inn by Brad Rose
Room No. 7 by Sarah Kobrinsky
No Name #6 by Paul Rinn




Vol 2, Issue 15

They Come from the Swampland by Skeeter Cornwall
Monster Movie by Nick Soto
The Change by Dee Nelson
Preferably Dove by Jason Gordy Walker



Vol 2, Issue 14

Orpheus Today by Lisa Marie Basile
The Strange Sickness of Stan by Cheryl Anne Gardner
Wolf by Ellie Stewart
The Hole in the Wall by Gregory Kuehn


Vol 2, Issue 13

Misconceptions by Patricia Hurst
The True Anxiety of a Blonde Not-Quite-Bombshell by Nathan Holic
Lost Lexi by Cari Lynn Vaughn
My Father Loved Me by Hall Jameson


Vol. 2, Issue 12

Iggy Enters by C. Vincent Samarco
Something in the Water or the Air by Ian Sanquist
Flesh Wound by Thomas Kearnes
Red by Melissa Middleburg


Vol 2, Issue 11

Riley’s Discovery by Sherri Collins
Any Body in Akron by Paula Schonauer
Blood Sugar by Skeeter Cornwall
Crossing Over by J. Ryan


Vol 2, Issue 10

Let the World Spin by Doug Paul Case
Some Men I Left in Denver by Jenny Catlin
 by R. Thomas Brown
Runoff by J. Ryan

Vol 2, Issue 9

True Blue by Staci Ritchie
Gilbert Ryle by John Kuligowski
What He Makes with His Hands by Ian Hilgendorf
The Coffin Maker’s Son by Andrew Wilson


Vol 2, Issue 8
What I Remember Most About “The Macho Man” Randy Savage by Francisco  Q. Delgado
The Moment a Little Girl Doesn’t Learn How to Dance
by Lilyyy Dawn

The Flying Yugo by P. James Trobaugh
Concentration by Matthew Brennan

Vol 2, Issue 7

But Such a Pretty Face by Dee Nelson
Godlike by Sarah Williamson
Phone Call by Gus Mircos
The Bratwurst King of Palace Avenue by P. James Trobaugh


Vol 2, Issue 6

Sometimes by Mallory Ortberg
Bull Leaping to Bach Cantata No. 54
(Stand Firm Against Sin) by Brad Rose

Night and Day by Krista Wissing
Bonkers by Josh Goller


Vol 2, Issue 5

Snake Girl by Andrew L. Wilson
Dinner Dance  by Emily Bullock
Schedule C by Cheryl Anne Gardner
Expulsion by Charlotte Heidel


Vol 2, Issue 4

Frightbeard by Josh Goller
To My Mother’s Tumor
by Shannon Derby
Soothing Sizzle
by Rasmenia Massoud

Mulligatawny by Garrett Ashley


Vol 2, Issue 3

Off the Grid by Skeeter Cornwall
An Ocean Below the Surface by Nicole Wolverton
Be Reasonable by Scott Rice
Crappy Days by W.P. Coyle


Vol. 2, Issue 2

Restless Legs and Foot in Mouth by Katie Moore
Kevin the Ant by Chris Lowe
Speed Trap by Hobie Anthony
First Date by Todd McKie


Vol. 2, Issue 1

Passing Breath by Daniel McDermott
Parade by Christine Hennessey
Temporary Change by Jerry Judge
How to Capture Sasquatch by Skeeter Cornwall

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