Flash Frenzy Contest



by Stephen Hundley


For the Birds

by Amanda Crum



by Alpheus Williams



The Eternity Ring

by Jan Kaneen


In the Darkness, There Is Light

by Paul de Denus



by Alice Kaltman


Only Four Letters Arrived

by Jaylee Alde



by Trahearne Falvey 



by Alice Maglio


The Spare Room During a Storm

by Meg Mulcahy

Flash Frenzy is now closed…

But hey, we’re announcing the winners
February 17th, 2020.

So you’ve got that going for you.

Slackers rejoice!

Procrastinator Special keeps late entries
open until February 10th.

“If there is to be art …
one physiological condition is indispensable: frenzy.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Submit to Flash Frenzy

Given that we specialize in the dark and offbeat, most of our quarterly contests seek flash fiction where something bad happens, where dread runs rampant and doom is unleashed. We’re asking you to ramp that up even more in this latest contest. We want the untethered, the unbridled. We want frenzy. 

Now that doesn’t mean you have to go completely over the top with it (though we’re suckers for that when done well, too). While you’d certainly do well to make Nicolas Cage your spirit animal when you craft your entry, unexpected or figurative frenzies can be as compelling as batshit crazy. The frenzy need not even be human in origin, we simply want to see a torrent of feverish energy unleashed in one form or another

The top three entries will win cold, hard cash.

$250 for Flash Frenzy winner

$125 for 2nd place

$75 for 3rd place

We also give mad props (do the kids still say “mad props”?)
to 4th-10th place,
publishing them in our Flash Frenzy mega-issue

and in a future print anthology, with contributor copy included.

Submit to Flash Frenzy

Follow these guidelines, and you could have some extra coin in your pocket, and some bragging rights as the Flash Frenzy winner.

– All submissions must absolutely be under 1,000 words, and we tend to look more kindly on 750 or fewer because…RABID SQUIRREL!

– All contest submissions will be read blind, so we won’t be playing favorites. Sorry, Mom!

– Please paste your submission into the corresponding field. Do not list your name anywhere in your submission or we’ll assume that you don’t know how to read.

– Costs $7 $9 to enter during the Procrastinator Special (Sorry, no refunds.)

– We reserve the right to extend deadlines if necessary (and you can expect our usual week-ish Procrastinator Special—with corresponding increase in submission fee for you slackers).

– Submissions must be previously unpublished work, and you will retain copyright (duh). By entering this contest you give us permission to publish your work—if selected for our Top 10—both online and in a future print anthology.

– No limit on how many entries you can submit, but you must submit them one at a time. Don’t just mash them all in there.

– Contest deadline is end of day (PST) Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 Monday, February 10th, 2020 for Procrastinator Special. Winners announced on February 17th, 2020, and we’ll unleash the Flash Frenzy mega-issue shortly thereafter.

– And, most importantly, this is a FLASH FRENZY contest, so your story must include something that is unleashed. But again, this can be in any form imaginable.


So that means you can go all…

or all…

or all…

or all…

or even all…

Release the hounds.

Submit to Flash Frenzy

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