Flash Monster


The Flash Monster issue is upon us.

Our first-ever contest yielded well over a hundred sinister entries, but the three you’ll find here were the cream of the crypt. For a full listing of the results, including the writers who made honorable mention, head over to the Flash Monster page. A special thanks to all who entered, and we hope to see more great contest submissions for our Flash Future contest, which runs until 11/30/14.

But without further ado, our contest winners—who won both prize money and the bragging rights of being our first ever Flash Monsters.

They’re coming to get you, Barbara.

Flash Monster

I, Homunculus

by Erica David


Flash Monster 2: The Flashening

But That Thy Blood Was Shed for Me

by Carly J. Hallman


Flash Monster Part III – Flasholution

Shadow Can

by Aeryn Rudel

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