Flash Monster Results!

1 Sep

FlashMonster (2)

Our first ever Flash Monster contest was a smashing success. A big thanks to everyone who participated. We couldn’t have done it without you, and all that jazz. Some truly imaginative monsters out there.

You people are weird.

Also, a very special thanks to our guest judge, Mary Bond, whose input was invaluable when making some of the tough calls.

While we cannot offer personalized responses to all participants, we enjoyed reading each entry and look forward to what you all can cook up for our Flash Future contest that will be kicking off shortly (details coming within days).

As you know, the Flash Monster winner will receive $200 in prize money. The first and second runners-up will get $50 and $25, respectively. The 4th-10th place entries will receive honorable mention and will have their names listed as such on the site. We also picked 15 others to round out our Top 25. They won’t get recognition on the site, but we will be notifying each that they were still among the cream of the crop.

** The 3 winning stories will be published in the Halloween issue of The Molotov Cocktail. **

But I’m sure most of you are scrolling past all this rambling to get to the good stuff anyway, so without further ado:

Honorable Mentions

10th – “Invasive Species” by Marie Gethins (Ireland)

9th – “King of Subs” by Jeffrey Spinazzola (United States)

8th – “Evolution of the Closet Monster” by Ken Poyner (United States)

7th – “Birdie’s Knowledge of Signs” by Christopher Allen (Germany)

6th – “The Woman with Two Faces” by Barbara Leahy (Ireland)

5th – “Caution from the Wind” by Jo Gatford (United Kingdom)

4th – “Wowee!” by Ian Shine (United Kingdom)


3rd Place ($25)

“Shadow Can” by Aeryn Rudel (United States)


2nd Place ($50)

“But That Thy Blood Was Shed for Me”  by Carly Hallman (China)


And our 2014 Flash Monster winner is…



 1st Place ($200)

“I, Homunculus” by Erica David (United States)

Check back around Halloween to read these

prize-winning stories!

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