Volume 3


Volume 3, Issue 24

Snake Eyes by Michael Gillan Maxwell

That’s Some Good Tea by Sean Lotman

The Other Side by H.C. Kellogg


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Volume 3, Issue 23

The Connection by Jeremy Hawkins

My Mother’s Hands by James Claffey

Terrible by Paul de Denus



Volume 3, Issue 22

Clean by Paul Heatley

Dead Meat by Art Wright

Three Things by Charles Rafferty



Volume 3, Issue 21

Alisha by Sarena Ulibarri

It’s Like That Song by T.L. Sherwood

The Last Cocktail by James Ballard


ironlady1Volume 3, Issue 20

Silver Bullet Andrew DeYoung

The Incident Paul de Denus

Ashes by Marlin Jenkins




Volume 3, Issue 19

I Measure Myself Against Other Men… by Justin J. Brouckaert

Laugh Track by Jim Breslin

Linda Lovelace Eats a Banana by Jules Archer


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Volume 3, Issue 18

The Childhood of Jesus by Grace Andreacchi

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass by Grace Jung

Intergalactic Gravy by J. Spinazzola



snack Volume 3, Issue 17

Memento Mori by Caroline Goetze

No Room for Cream by Michael Chaney

Not a Proper Way to Go by Austin Hayden



Volume 3, Issue 16

You’re the One Who’s Lost by Ryan Clausen

Mad About You by Paul de Denus

Gank by Beau Johnson


Volume 3, Issue 15

Mixed Tape by Meg Tuite

A Little Idea by Miguel Lasala

Playing Dead Man by Sarah Kobrinsky



Volume 3, Issue 14

Urban Legend by Erica David

New Year by Joscelyn Willett

Luz by Kristy Webster


Volume 3, Issue 13

Scrub by Janelle Ward

Candy by Jennifer Gough

Kitsch by Cheryl Anne Gardner


.Volume 3, Issue 12

Safety Dancing For the Recovering Arsonist  by Brad Rose

His and Hers by J. Ryan

Children for Mr. Leary by Bram Wigzell



Volume 3, Issue 11

We All Know the Woman Who Lives in the Graveyard by Justin Brouckaert

The Cold Locker by Paul de Denus

The Way Her Neck Angled by James Claffey


Volume 3, Issue 10

Dream Girl by Joseph Lewis V

Contraband by Paul Beckman

A Pack of Rats by Dan Powell


.Volume 3, Issue 9

Swallow by Alex Poppe

Busing by Spencer Hayes

Backflips by Stephen Moles



Volume 3, Issue 8

Dr. X and Miss Y by Thomas McColl

Ken and Barbie After the Divorce by J.D. Hibbitts

Better Kind of Hate by Beau Johnson


Volume 3, Issue 7

Why I Don’t Drive by J. Bradley

Kings by Kayla Roseclere

Him by Val Gryphin



Volume 3, Issue 6

Angels and Animals
 by Carly Berg

Milk by Lem Parzyk

Flirt by Shannon Barber


Volume 3, Issue 5.

Patron Saint of Lost Causes by Rich Larson

Fake Ocelot by L.A. Craig

Into the Corral by Ian Hilgendorf


Volume 3, Issue 4

Sand by Keith Rebec

Burnt Leaves by Skeeter Cornwall

Tanked by Beau Johnson


Volume 3, Issue 3

Sepsis by James Claffey

Lee’s Launderette by Reyna Gillet

Chasing the Dragon by Josh Goller


Volume 3, Issue 2.

It Will Be Much Nicer to Have It at Home by Frances Hogg

The Chimera Factor by L.S. Johnson

Cargo by Emma Musty

Volume 3, Issue 1

Before the Bomb Went Off by Sarah Kobrinsky

Me There by Michael Stang

Show White at Code Yellow by Richard Baldasty

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