The Molotov Cocktail is a Portland-based lit zine.

Josh Goller – Editor


Josh Goller sprouted in Wisconsin, but transplanted to the damp and gloom of the Pacific Northwest. He earned his MFA in Fiction at Pacific University and now resides in Portland where he enjoys driving through fog and hipster-watching. When he’s not skulking around behind the curtain, he can be found critiquing music, film, and books for Spectrum Culture, where he also serves as Managing Editor, and also reviewing music as a contributing writer for Slant Magazine. His short fiction, arts & culture articles, lists, and essays have appeared in many online and print publications.


Mary Lenoir Bond – Associate Editor


Mary Lenoir Bond spent most of her life in California, where she worked as an actress in Los Angeles before studying fiction, poetry, and theater at USC. She went on to earn her MFA in Writing at Pacific University. Along the way, she fell in love with San Francisco, where she lived for many years, but now lurks under the gloomy skies of Portland, where she makes jewelry, perfume and other sensory products. Her poetry has been published in Prairie Schooner, december and Silk Road, and she also serves as a Poetry Editor for Phantom Drift

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