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Volume 9, Issue 6

8 Aug

Wait until you see what we’ve got cracking in Issue 9.6.

This issue features lung deactivation, freewheeling amputees, and caged love.

Time’s running out on our Flash Beast contest. The soft deadline strikes within hours, though you slackers can always count on a Procrastinator’s Special. 

A Fair Share

by Ashley Naftule

Hot Metal

by Brad Rose

The One that Got Away

by Brianna Johnson

Volume 5, Issue 10

15 Aug

Issue 5.10

Issue 5.10 will warp your sense of reality.

This go-round we’ve got perverts peeping through holes in walls, militant preparations for the zombie apocalypse, and Alcatraz swallowed by fog. 

The Flash Monster contest has been an overwhelming success, and we’ve just completed our first read-through of all submissions. The Top 25 will get an e-mail with feedback, 10th-4th place will be listed on the site as honorable mention, and 3rd through 1st win cash money! Winners announced by around September 1st, yo! And stay tuned for our next contest, which will kick into gear in September (spoiler alert: it will have a futuristic theme).

It rubs the lotion on its skin,

Josh Goller


Cold and Naked

by Annesha Sengupta

Apocalypse Someday, Eventually

by Jonathan Dittman

How I Didn’t Meet Your Mother in
San Francisco

by Brad Rose

Volume 5, Issue 2

15 Apr

Issue 5.2 (final)

 Fire walk with Issue 5.2.  

This time around we get our dark, offbeat fix from Garrett Biggs and C.J. Hallman—two first-timers hailing from Denver and Beijing, respectively—and from undisputed heavyweight champion of the MC, Brad Rose. 

Big things on the horizon, poppets. The Best of Vols. 1 & 2 print anthology will finally see the light of day, and before that, our first contest (with prize money!) will begin. The Flash Monster contest guidelines will be released within the next week, so keep an eye out for that. Essentially, all stories will require a monster of some kind, though the exact definition of that will be open to interpretation. Winners will receive cash, be published in our special prize-winners Halloween issue, and get automatic placement in a future print anthology. So get those monstrous creative juices flowing.

Hold onto your butts,

Josh Goller


Paper Dolls

by Garrett Biggs

Escape Artist

by Brad Rose

The Organist

by C.J. Hallman


Volume 4, Issue 17

1 Dec


If dark and offbeat flash fiction is what you’re after, Issue 4.17 has got you covered.

This issue includes an impending apocalypse, laundry hoarders, and insight into the lucrative career of poetry. A couple of first-timers in Tori Telfer and Hannah Allen join MC mack daddy Brad Rose in crafting a stirring and lyrical penultimate issue of 2013.

Keep those submissions flowing despite the sugarplums dancing in your heads. And follow us on our new twitter feed @MolotovLitZine, if you haven’t already.

Kidnap the Sandy Claws/ Throw him in a box,

– Josh Goller


by Tori Telfer


by Hannah Allen

My Career in Poetry

by Brad Rose