Volume 7, Issue 2

18 Apr

Issue 7.2
Issue 7.2 will really stick with you.

This issue finds phantoms skulking around abandoned amusement parks, a series of murdered canines, and stoners floating on inflatable donuts.

Time’s ticking on our Flash Felon contest. You’ve got until 11:59 PST on April 30th to get those crime-themed flash fiction entries sent over for a chance at cash prizes and publication both online and in our annual Prize Winners Anthology. And don’t forget about our Shadow Award poetry contest, which is accepting entries until the end of May. 

“One of us. One of us. Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble.”

– The Editor


The Ghosts You Meet in Maricopa

by Eric Shattuck

Let Dead Dogs Lie

by Michael Bracken

The Canoeing Joint 

by Matthew Dexter

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 Apr

Issue 7.1

Issue 7.1 will really make you read between the lines.

That’s right: Volume 7. That means The Molotov Cocktail has just turned six years old. We’re now as old as a kindergartener or the term of a U.S. Senator, whichever is more impressive.

We’re kicking off our seventh year of existence with baptismal whales, frigid babies and old faces stowed away in shoe boxes. 

Don’t forget about our Flash Felon crime stories contest, which runs until 4/30, and our Shadow Award poetry contest, which is accepting submissions until the end of May.

You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
– The Editor



by J. Bradley

The Baby

by Andrew Bertaina


by Izabella Grace

Volume 6, Issue 21

18 Mar

Issue 6.21

Take a look inside Issue 6.21.

This issue we’ve got a literally infectious smile, sinister hot dogs, and loads of fish guts.

Early-bird deadlines for both our Flash Felon crime stories and Shadow Award poetry contests are about to hit on April Fool’s Day, which just so happens to be our six-year anniversary of existence. Volume 7 is just a stone’s throw away.

In heaven, everything is fine…

– The Editor


Punch’s Grin

by Eric Hawthorn


by Preston Lang

That Damn Fish Smell

by L.L. Madrid

Volume 6, Issue 20

3 Mar

Issue 6.20

Issue 6.20 is a world unto its own. 

This is truly an international issue. We’ve got writers hailing from Sri Lanka, Japan, and the good ole U.S. of A.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve also got our Shadow Award poetry contest in full swing, along with our Flash Felon crime fiction contest. Enter either or both and we’ll think you’re too cool for school. 

I live, I die, I live again!”

– The Editor



by Chloe Clark


by David Golding

Another Kind of Courage

by C.D. Wight

Volume 6, Issue 19

17 Feb

Issue 6.19

Issue 6.19 gets straight to the point.

This issue feeds baby mice to tarantulas, covets a new pair of spy goggles, and dreams of bones.

We’ve got flash fiction by last year’s Flash Fury winner (with a piece that reached close-but-no-cigar status in our Flash Phenom contest) and we’ve got two wildly talented first-time contributors to boot. Speaking of contests, our #ShadowAward poetry contest is now open to submissions, and we’ll be kicking off our #FlashFelon crime fiction contest within a few days!

“I’m your number one fan.”

– The Editor

Curse Upon a Star

by Sylvia Heike

The Dregs

by Ryan Dempsey

What It Costs

by Justin Eells

Flash Phenom

1 Feb

Flash Phenom cover 9

Another contest, another issue packed full of the bizarre. This mega-issue features anthropomorphic arachnids, accursed winters, dreaming gods, fun-house mirrors, overworked reflections, crows flying through walls, woodland disappearances, superpower-bestowing hats, body-shaming ghosts, and mouse-gobbling mothers. 

You people sure come up with some weird stuff. 

Enough from us. Let’s get to the goods. Don’t forget to check out our results page to see who scored our coveted close-but-no-cigar shout-outs. And keep your eyes peeled for info about both our upcoming poetry contest and our next quarterly contest, Flash Felon, with its crime-oriented theme.

Sometimes, dead is better.”

– The Editor 

Flash Phenom Winner
House Spiders

by Shane Page

2nd Place 
Season of the Dead

by Robin Jeffrey

3rd Place
Dream Logic

by R.A. Roth


Honorable Mentions:

4th – The Summer of Infinite Possibilities

by G.G. Silverman

5th – Waiting

by Jan Kaneen

6th – Wisdom Tooth

by Leanne Radojkovich

7th – The Cave

by Premee Mohamed

8th – A Man of Many Hats

by Aeryn Rudel

9th – Aria

by Seth Augenstein

10th – Finding Moonlight

by James R. Gapinski

Flash Phenom Results!

31 Jan

They’re heeere!


With the revival of The X-Files now in full swing, and tidbits about next year’s Twin Peaks return giving us pins-and-needles as they gradually trickle out, the time is ripe for these 10 flash pieces of the strange and surreal, the otherwordly and indescribable. Tomorrow’s Flash Phenom mega-issue has shaped up to be one of our best contest issues yet.

Great work on your Flash Phenom entries, everyone! There was an incredible amount of imagination put into this contest by you tremendous writers, making our jobs all that much harder. Just the way we like it. 

As always, associate editor Mary Bond and I burned the midnight oil to comb through your entries. A big thanks to her for ensuring that we stayed on task and honed in on the very best tales of weirdness. Metaphysical high-five!

We were very pleased to see another strong international turnout. Writers from nearly a dozen different countries participated. We haven’t made it into South America yet, but we’ve seen entries from every other continent over the course of these contests (yeah, yeah, minus Antarctica too). 

Here’s where I’d usually mention that our next contest theme will be #FlashFelon (crime-related stories), which will overlap with our first ever Poetry contest (guidelines up within days). But you’re probably skipping over this section anyway, so I’ll get to the good stuff.

So many entries remained in contention until the final rounds of deliberation that we have a lot of non-cigars to pass out. Close-but-no-cigars go to:
Sarah Lee, David Novak, Fiona Kyle, Jono Naito, Corinne Mahoney, Kathryn Wilson, Lauren Malone, Colleen Maynard,
Jennifer Knight, Tiff Sisman, Christina Dalcher, JT Williams,
RJ Murray, Chris Milam, Kate Murdoch, Daniel Hughes (2),
Voima Oy,  Liz Schriftsteller, and Sylvia Heike. 

The Top 10 that you will find below will all be published in our forthcoming Flash Phenom mega-issue, and they will be included in this fall’s Prize Winners Anthology print issue, which will feature the Top 10 finishers from four of our quarterly contests. (You can check out last year’s Prize Winners Anthology here).

Time for me to shut up and put up.

Honorable Mention

10th Place – “Finding Moonlight” by James R. Gapinski (USA)
9th Place – “Aria” by Seth Augenstein (USA)
8th Place – “A Man of Many Hats” by Aeryn Rudel (USA)
7th Place – “The Cave” by Premee Mohamed (Canada)
6th Place – “Wisdom Tooth” by Leanne Radojkovich (New Zealand)
5th Place – “Waiting” by Jan Kaneen (U.K.)
4th Place – “The Summer of Infinite Possibilities” by G.G. Silverman (USA)

And now onto those who brought the big lumber…


3rd Place ($50) 
“Dream Logic” by R.A. Roth (USA)

2nd Place ($100) 
“Season of the Dead” by Robin Jeffrey (USA)

1st Place ($200)
“House Spiders” by Shane Page (USA)

Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Flash Phenom contest.We literally couldn’t do this without you. Check back soon for the Flash Phenom mega-issue!


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