Volume 8, Issue 13

11 Dec

Some flash fiction this way comes. Whether its a lab-grown sibling, a monstrous minister, or threats to go get Carl if you don’t hand over the gas can, there’s something especially sinister about Issue 8.13. 

Peruse these strange and surreal stories, and then cook up something of your own for our #FlashHero contest, which runs until January. And keep an eye out for the release of our third annual Prize Winners Anthology, which is in its final proofing phase and will be available shortly. 

Little Sister

by Aeryn Rudel


by Christina Dalcher

Burn Barrel

by Alyssa Striplin

Volume 8, Issue 12

22 Nov

The specter of death hovers over Issue 8.12, with three small fictions that focus on mortality or the fleeting thrills of our ephemeral lives.

We’ve got our next quarterly contest, Flash Hero, up and running, so check that out and get cracking on an entry that subverts the typical hero, antihero, or villain tropes. Also, our third annual Prize Winners Anthology is in its final editing stages and will be available in December.


by Tim Conley

Vision, Visitation

by Dylan Hopper

Bring Out Your Dead

by Kerry E.B. Black

Flash Monster 2017

31 Oct

This is Halloween.



by Erin O’Shea


Full Custody

by Latifa Ayad



by Chris Milam




by Michael Carter


This Thing of Darkness, I

by Philip Webb Gregg


I Had a Boneyard in the Dakotas

by Michael Carter


A Warning from the Wood

by Madeleine Ebacher


The Arms

by Jennifer Lynn Kohn



by Emily Livingstone


Cut Carve Slice

by Andrew Bourelle

Flash Monster 2017 Results

30 Oct

October is the most glorious month of the year—it’s not even that close. And the best day of the best month is Halloween, the most revered holiday at Molotov HQ. Three years ago, we started our quarterly flash fiction contest series with Flash Monster, and we’re thrilled to return to that theme again as you’ve unleashed some of the most sinister stories we’ve ever had the pleasure to read. 

We read a large number of stories that were worthy of being featured, but the competition was stiff this time around. The following writers had stories that made it through several rounds of cuts, but didn’t quite squeak into the Top 10.


Close-but-no-cigar shout-outs go to:

Ashely Adams
Seth Augenstein
Kerry B. Black
Christina Dalcher
Lazarus Gray
Donna Greenwood
Wiebo Grobler (2)
Sarah Haasl
Kelly McClure
Evan Nicholls
David Nilsen
Bayveen O’Connell
R.A. Roth
Aeryn Rudel
Cameron Snyder
Paul Sohar
Matt St. Hilaire
Christopher Stanley
Sarah Starr Murphy

Alyssa Striplin
Kaleb Tutt


The Top 10 that you’ll find below will be published in our forthcoming Flash Monster 2017 mega-issue, which will drop at the stroke of midnight (PST) on Halloween. They will also be included in a future Prize Winners Anthology print issue, to be published in 2018. 


Enough  blathering. Here are the goods. 

10th Place – “Cut Carve Slice” by Andrew Bourelle 
9th Place – “Comeviatorum” by Emily Livingstone 
8th Place – “The Arms” by Jennifer Lynn Krohn
7th Place – “A Warning from the Wood” by Madeleine Ebacher
6th Place – “I Had a Boneyard in the Dakotas” by Michael Carter 
5th Place – “This Thing of Darkness, I” by Philip Webb Gregg
4th Place – “Yetimaker” by Michael Carter


And now on to those stories that really made us smile.


3rd Place ($50)

by Chris Milam


2nd Place ($100)

“Full Custody”
by Latifa Ayad


1st Place ($200)

by Erin O’Shea


Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Flash Monster 2017 contest. You cooked up some truly monstrous flash fiction, and we couldn’t host these contests without you. Check back tomorrow for the Flash Monster mega-issue! 

Volume 8, Issue 10

10 Oct

October is here, and we’re burning the candle at both ends at Molotov HQ. Issue 8.10 is packed with dark and offbeat goodness, our Flash Monster 2017 contest is creeping up towards its deadline, we’ve got our third-annual print anthology in the works, and we’re watching 31 horror films in 31 days. 

The flash fiction you’ll find below offers insomniac alligators, larvae leaking from boy-band member’s eyes, and grim meatloaf dinners. Dig in.

I never drink wine.” 

– The Editor

Family Night 

by Kyle Decker

People That Sing

by Okala Elesia

Bank Job

by Brad Rose

Volume 8, Issue 9

17 Sep

Fun fact: Issue 8.9 can lift up to 5,000 times its own body weight.

This issue we’ve got ravenous sugar ants, fingers gnarled and twisted, and a bodies stacked like firewood in a gravel pit. Our Flash Monster 2017 contest is in full swing, so send over those monstrous entries. Looking forward to publishing them on Halloween. And our third-annual print anthology is on the way this fall as well. Stay tuned for release date details.

“Just trying to kill some bugs, sir.”

– The Editor


by Omer Friedlander


by Alice Benson

All the Kids Go

by Cathy Ulrich

Flash Worlds

16 Aug

At times like these, a little transcendence is in order. We asked you to take us to strange new worlds, and you didn’t disappoint. The ten stories you’ll find below are bleak and beautiful, grotesque and glistening. They transport us to other dimensions, drag us into the sea, push us to the brink of extinction, and discover strange new realms within the familiar walls of home. 

These ten stories will appear in our 2017 Prize Winners Anthology print issue, which is due out in the fall. And details for our next quarterly contest (horror-themed as always in the fall) will be released within a few days.

Until then, lose yourself in Flash Worlds.

Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

– The Editor

1st Place

Listening to the Animals

by Emily Livingstone

2nd Place

Come Away to the Water

by Celia Daniels

3rd Place

Dog Eat Dog

by Christina Dalcher



 Stuck in the Bathroom

by John Barrale



by Nikolaj Volgushev


The Deceased of 120 Primorsky Street

by Michael Carter


Auroras of Arverne

by Voima Oy



by Gregory Ariail


This Ape’s on Fire

by Lazarus Gray


A Visitation

by Chloe Seim