Volume 7, Issue 15

21 Nov



You never know what you might stumble upon in Issue 7.15.

This go-round gets a little stabby, and between the blades and blood we’ve got a crack-smoking fallen angel. 

Our next quarterly contest is up and running. Channel your sky-is-falling angst into a Flash Doom entry. The early-bird rate runs until the end of the month.

Also, our second annual Prize Winners Anthology print issue is nearing completion. Stay tuned for details on a release date and where you can find it. 

If only it was the picture that was to grow old, and I remain young.

– The Editor


Cats & Cradles

by Matthew Lyons

All That You Are

by William Squirrell

The Border Between Us

by Rachael Sterling

Flash Fear

31 Oct


We’re thrilled to once again present you with a Halloween mega-issue. This year’s Flash Fear contest was filled with the ghastly and otherworldy, and the stories you’ll find below are as unsettling as they are addictive. Another great international turnout overall, and our Top 10 features writers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. 

Keep an eye out in the coming week or two for details on our next quarterly contest, and our second annual Prize Winners print anthology will be out at the end of November. But without further ado, let’s turn to these ten tales of the mad and macabre

Hi, Lloyd. Little slow tonight isn’t it?

– The Editor

1st Place

The Taxidermist’s Only Son

by Caroline Smith

2nd Place

Black Stained Glass

by S.E. Casey

3rd Place


by Aeryn Rudel


Honorable Mentions

4th – Bless You

by Wiebo Grobler

5th – Passing

by Paddy Kelly

6th – All the Goldfish

by Jennifer Lynn Krohn

7th – The Locus

by Nicholas Siegel

8th – Tingles

by Michael Tanner

9th – In the Grain Bin

by Lindsey Baker

10th – Sixteen Minutes

by Premee Mohamed

Flash Fear Results!

29 Oct


After our last two Halloween contests insisted on the involvement of some kind of monster, Flash Fear has shown that some of the most monstrously head-spinning flash fiction can be unleashed when the shackles come off. This no-holds-barred approach to horror has yielded some of our most unnerving results to date, making this contest yet again an incredibly thrilling (and difficult) one to judge.


Close-but-no-cigar mentions go to the following writers:

Marta Balcewicz
Sarah Beaudette
Andrew Bourelle
Gary Buller
Trevor Byington
Jeremy Capps (2)
Nathan Coley
Christina Dalcher
Shane Gannaway
Laura Garrison
Wiebo Grobler
GJ Hart
D.I. Hughes
Emily Livingstone
Darla Kennerud
Carrie Redway
Aeryn Rudel
Allison Spector
Matt St. Hilaire


The Top 10 that you’ll find below will be published in our forthcoming Flash Fear mega-issue, which will run on Halloween. They will also be included in next year’s Prize Winners Anthology print issue. You can check out last year’s Prize Winners Anthology here, and this year’s anthology will be available by the end of November.

But enough jibber-jabber. Let’s get to the goods.

Honorable mentions go to:

10th Place – “Sixteen Minutes” by Premee Mohamed
9th Place – “In the Grain Bin” by Lindsey Baker
8th Place – “Tingles” by Michael Tanner
7th Place – “The Locus” by Nicholas Siegel
6th Place – “All the Goldfish” by Jennifer Lynn Krohn
5th Place – “Passing” by Patrick Kelly
4th Place – “Bless You” by Wiebo Grobler


And now on to the three stories that really deserve a big hand…


3rd Place ($50)

by Aeryn Rudel


2nd Place ($100)

“Black Stained Glass”
by S.E. Casey


1st Place ($200)

“The Taxidermist’s Only Son”
by Caroline Smith


Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Flash Fear contest. We literally couldn’t do this without you. Check back on Halloween for our Flash Fear mega-issue!


Volume 7, Issue 13

7 Oct


Issue 7.13 is full of writers who work their fingers to the bone.

This issue features smoldering peach groves, Kratom-fueled time-space nostalgia and nonlinear worms. Time’s ticking on our #FlashFear contest. October 15th is our soft deadline (although you can probably expect our week-long Procrastinator’s Special after that). We’ll also be taking a one-issue hiatus to finalize our second-annual Prize Winners Anthology print edition, so we’ll be back in action with the Flash Fear mega-issue on Halloween.

“Look what your brother did to the door!”

– The Editor


Gary Dies in the Wrong Order

by Alex Smith

Great Jones Street

by Les Bohem


by Lindsey Baker

Volume 7, Issue 12

19 Sep



Issue 7.12 dumps bodies in the desert, calls out specters of proto-fascists, and dangles its feet down into the sky.

This time around we’re happy to feature work by two returning contributors and one first-timer.

Under a month left to get those #FlashFear horror entries in. And keep your eyes peeled for an announcement about our forthcoming second volume of our Prize Winners print anthology, coming in late October.

Can’t sleep. Clown’ll eat me.”

– The Editor


The Well

by Rebecca Harrison

Ayn Rand’s Chainsaw

by Seth Augenstein

New Mexico Desert

by Cyndy Hendershot

Volume 7, Issue 11

5 Sep



Issue 7.11 clings upside from the rafters, chugs the communion wine, and mimics human form.

There’s still time to take advantage of our Flash Fear contest early-bird rate, so get cracking on those early entries. Contest runs until mid-October, with the Flash Fear mega-issue appearing on Halloween.

Destruction is a form of creation.”

– The Editor

Rotten Eggs

by Sophie van Llewyn


by Corinne Mahoney


by Merran Jones

Flash Icon

18 Aug


Have a close encounter of the word kind.

Flash Icon is here at last. We’ve got a handful of usual suspects making their way back into the Top 10, along with plenty of first-timers. This was an especially difficult contest to judge, but the results speak for themselves.

Strap those thinking caps back on for our next quarterly contest, a horror-themed contest titled #FlashFear, the issue for which will run on Halloween. We want you to run the gamut from bleak, sophisticated terror to genre splatter. Guidelines will be up within a few days.

Here’s looking at you, kid.”

– The Editor

1st Place

The Solstice Shade

by F.E. Clark


2nd Place

The Father of Terror

by Aeryn Rudel


3rd Place

My Own Private Idol

by Fiona Smith


Honorable Mentions

4th – The Further Adventures of Dorothy Gale

by Fred Senese

5th – Boleskine

by Christopher Stanley

6th – Crumbs

by Gabriel Thibodeau

7th – The Stories Hadley Hemingway Lost

by Robyn Ryle

8th – Visitation

by Allison Spector

9th – Post-Inauguration Day

by Shane Gannaway

10th – Trekkie

by Henry Whittier-Ferguson