Volume 7, Issue 19

17 Feb


Current affairs are still leaving us all doom and gloom here at Molotov HQ, so much so that Issue 7.19 features two close-but-no-cigars from our recent Flash Doom contest—and the other piece revolves around an asbestosis contagion.

Our next quarterly contest, Flash Rage, is up and running, seeking resistance/rebellion-minded flash fiction. And if you haven’t scored a copy of our second annual Prize Winners Anthology, you should really get on that.

Survival of the fittest, Max, and we’ve got the fucking gun!

– The Editor


The Life Sentence

Hannah Mathewson


by John Vurro

Asbestos Breath

by Alex Creece

Flash Doom

20 Jan


If you’re reading this then that means a vast nuclear arsenal is now in the tiny hands of a rancid circus peanut. Good times. Thankfully, in response to the orange menace, we here at The Molotov Cocktail believe in channeling doomsday angst into some dark and offbeat art. We’re always pleased to be transported to the strange and surreal places that you writers take us, and this contest you’ve really outdone yourselves. Another strong global turnout, with our Top 10 featuring four writers living in the US, three in the UK, two in Canada and one in Japan.

Assuming the world’s still spinning this fall, these stories will all be featured in our third annual Prize Winners Anthology print issue. You can grab our recently released Vol. 2 here. A great way to stave off madness while in quarantine or confined to a subterranean bunker. 

But I do say, no more than 10 to 20 million killed. Tops.”

– The Editor


1st Place

The End Is Always

by Philip Webb Gregg

2nd Place

One Last Decision

by Bill Adler Jr.

3rd Place


by Rachel Cassidy


Honorable Mentions:

4th – Wernicke 27X

by Christina Dalcher

5th – Right Number

by Aaron Housholder

6th – The Ballad of James Malloy

by GJ Hart

7th – An Incident on Dover Street

by Aeryn Rudel

8th – The Remnant Bloom

by James Guthrie

9th – In Dreams

by Sherry Morris

10th – Starve

by Nicolas Poynter

Flash Doom Results!

19 Jan



Welp, we’re less than 24 hours away from a deranged circus clown taking over the White House. In spite the bleakness of world affairs at the moment, or perhaps because of it, we had a killer crop of imaginative doom-oriented flash fiction to sort through for this contest. We’re always gobsmacked by the creative dark and offbeat scenarios written about in our quarterly contests, and this one might’ve taken the cake for strange and surreal premises. Truly a joy to read them, and it’s always difficult to whittle them down to the ten stories that you’ll find in our Flash Doom mega-issue.  

We had quite a few close-but-no-cigars that were in the running right down to the final moments (and we encourage these stories to be submitted for consideration for our regular issues). Cannibals, surly sasquatch, jailhouse contagion, asteroids, diminishing body parts, boulder-hurling giants, electrified executions, alligators, ice dummies, gold towers, killer swimming pools, parasitic ladybug mutants? Yeah, we had all that and more, but as they say, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. 


Close-but-no-cigar mentions go to the following writers:

Michael Croban
Calvin Demmer
Dan Diehn
Benjamin Finateri
Wiebo Grobler

Emmaleene Leahy
Emily Livingstone
Erick Mancilla

Toni Marshall
Jamie Mason
Hannah Mathewson
Lee Melling 

Jonathan Ochoco
R.A. Roth

Aeryn Rudel
Allison Spector (2)
Christopher Stanley
Mike Sweeney
Michael Tanner
John Vurro

The Top 10 that you’ll find below will be published in our forthcoming Flash Doom mega-issue, which will run tomorrow on Trumpocalypse. They will also be included in our third-annual Prize Winners Anthology print issue this fall. You can check out our recently-released Prize Winners Anthology Vol. 2 here.

But you didn’t come here for my yammering. 

Honorable Mentions go to:

10th Place – “Starve” by Nicolas Poynter
9th Place – “In Dreams” by Sherry Morris
8th Place – “The Remnant Bloom” by James Guthrie
7th Place – “An Incident on Dover Street” by Aeryn Rudel
6th Place – “The Ballad of James Malloy” by GJ Hart
5th Place – “Right Number” by Aaron Housholder 
4th Place – “Wernicke 27X” by Christina Dalcher 


And now on to the really bomb stories.



3rd Place ($50)

by Rachel Cassidy


2nd Place ($100)

“One Last Decision”
by Bill Adler


1st Place ($200)

“The End Is Always”
by Philip Webb Gregg


Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Flash Doom contest. We literally couldn’t do this without you. Check back tomorrow for our Flash Doom mega-issue. 


Volume 7, Issue 17

8 Jan



You’re going to want to get your hands on Issue 7.17.

This go-round, we’ve got good deeds not going unpunished, orally-fixated thieving elves, and funerals for strangers. We’ve also got a fully international roster as well, with our writers hailing from India, Denmark, and Australia.

Still a couple of days left before our Flash Doom contest soft deadline. Get those entries in by 11:59pm PST on Tuesday, January 10th (though you can expect our customary Procrastinator’s Special to follow). Our Flash Doom issue will coincide with the Trumpocalypse, premiering on January 20th. And you can now get your hands on our second annual Prize Winner Anthology print issue here. 

Lou, get me a milk. Chocolate.

 – The Editor



by Ajay Patri

Abe Consuelos’ False Teeth 

by L. Soviero

Uncle Larson

by Vanja Artak

Volume 7, Issue 16

19 Dec



Issue 7.16 is all Naughty List.

This issue features two close-but-no-cigars from past contests, and another piece by a Molotov veteran. We’ve got a Grim Reaper switcheroo, sinister forms of affection, and a macabre rug that really ties the room together. 

The release of our second-annual  Prize Winners Anthology print issue is only days away. Contributor copies should go out before Christmas and, barring interference from gremlins, the anthology will be available for purchase by the end of the week.

Our Flash Doom  contest is also in full swing. Soft deadline is January 10th, so channel your sky-is-falling angst into an entry for a shot at cash prizes and publication in our Flash Doom mega-issue, which will premiere on Inauguration Day 2017, naturally.

Don’t ever feed him after midnight.” 

– The Editor


Sack of Souls

by Christopher Stanley

I Scary Love You

by Marta Balcewicz

Song for Rachel

by Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri

Volume 7, Issue 15

21 Nov



You never know what you might stumble upon in Issue 7.15.

This go-round gets a little stabby, and between the blades and blood we’ve got a crack-smoking fallen angel. 

Our next quarterly contest is up and running. Channel your sky-is-falling angst into a Flash Doom entry. The early-bird rate runs until the end of the month.

Also, our second annual Prize Winners Anthology print issue is nearing completion. Stay tuned for details on a release date and where you can find it. 

If only it was the picture that was to grow old, and I remain young.

– The Editor


Cats & Cradles

by Matthew Lyons

All That You Are

by William Squirrell

The Border Between Us

by Rachael Sterling

Flash Fear

31 Oct


We’re thrilled to once again present you with a Halloween mega-issue. This year’s Flash Fear contest was filled with the ghastly and otherworldy, and the stories you’ll find below are as unsettling as they are addictive. Another great international turnout overall, and our Top 10 features writers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. 

Keep an eye out in the coming week or two for details on our next quarterly contest, and our second annual Prize Winners print anthology will be out at the end of November. But without further ado, let’s turn to these ten tales of the mad and macabre

Hi, Lloyd. Little slow tonight isn’t it?

– The Editor

1st Place

The Taxidermist’s Only Son

by Caroline Smith

2nd Place

Black Stained Glass

by S.E. Casey

3rd Place


by Aeryn Rudel


Honorable Mentions

4th – Bless You

by Wiebo Grobler

5th – Passing

by Paddy Kelly

6th – All the Goldfish

by Jennifer Lynn Krohn

7th – The Locus

by Nicholas Siegel

8th – Tingles

by Michael Tanner

9th – In the Grain Bin

by Lindsey Baker

10th – Sixteen Minutes

by Premee Mohamed