Volume 5, Issue 1

1 Apr

Issue 5.1

Volume 5 has made first contact, and it’s none too friendly.

We’re starting our fifth year of existence with a bang, and with two first-time contributors and one returning. For Issue 5.1, we’ve got mermaid impersonators who definitely look best in blue, crybabies and snotnoses shackled to bedposts, and fetching bloodsuckers who don’t exactly respect authority. 

Big things are happening with the Molotov Cocktail in the coming months. Our first print anthology will finally see the light of day, and we’ll also be hosting our first contest. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the official announcement, but our contest will involve prize money and a loosely-interpreted monster theme. 

Never, never ever feed them after midnight,
Josh Goller

Whatever Floats

by Angel Colón

Starvation Camp

by John Rovito


by Cameron Suey 

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