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Volume 3, Issue 1

15 Mar

Volume 3 proves the pen is mightier.

Welcome to the third year of The Molotov Cocktail! Issue 3.1 features offbeat work by Sarah Kobrinsky, Michael Stang, and Richard Baldasty.

We’re looking forward to another great year, so keep those submissions flowing, and check us out on facebook and tumblr for a more interactive experience.

– Josh Goller

Before the Bomb Went Off 

by Sarah Kobrinsky

Me There

by Michael Stang

Show White at Code Yellow

by Richard Baldasty

Volume 2, Issue 21

15 Jan

Reading Issue 2.21 makes you look cool. All the kids are doing it.

Featuring work by Lancaster Cooney, Melissa Middleberg and Paula Sophia Schonauer, this issue caves in cheekbones, tastes the oniony breath, and pops a squat in a war zone.

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Josh Goller

The First Time

by Melissa Middleberg

An Intervention of Sorts

by Lancaster Cooney

An Earnest Prayer

by Paula Sophia Schonauer