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Killer Flash

4 May

Kill your darlings.


What We Find in the Guts of the Bodies
that the River Gives Us

by Philip Webb Gregg


What I Am Now

by Alex Sobel


Animal Control

by S.E. Casey



Grief and Gravity

by Barlow Adams


Bird’s Eye View

by Kathryn Burkett


Philosophy of Black Holes and Time Warps

by R.Gene Turchin


Mama Always Said

by Roni Slye


Baa Baa Black Sheep

by Tyler Dunning



by Tom Weller


This House a Home

by Levi Krain

Volume 3, Issue 10

1 Aug

Featuring work by writers from Hawaii, Massachusetts, and the United Kingdom, Issue 3.10 will stick with you.

Read about sultry angels of death, unmentionables concealed in unmentionable places, and cancer sticks jammed into a stoma. 

Then take a break, pour yourself a snifter of port, and get behind that keyboard and send us some of your own work. 

Josh Goller

Dream Girl

by Joseph Lewis V


by Paul Beckman

A Pack of Rats

by Dan Powell

Volume 3, Issue 2

1 Apr

Find what Issue 3.2 is hiding.

This issue features writers from Ecuador, Wales, and the United States. Within Issue 3.2 you will find stories about a makeshift funeral, a phantasmagorical transformation, and a castaway at sea.

As always, keep those submissions coming.

Stay dark,

Josh Goller


It Will Be Much Nicer to Have It at Home

by Frances Hogg

The Chimera Factor

by L.S. Johnson


by Emma Musty




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Volume 2, Issue 17

15 Nov

Issue 2.17 will have you running around like, well, you know.

Featuring work by Gibson Culbreth, Armel Dagorn, Kristian Iliev, and Justin Hannah, this issue doesn’t notice the low humming, pops off like a champagne cork, tries to stomp every single ant, and thrashes in the water.

Keep those sweet, sweet submissions flowing.

Josh Goller


We Are Empty and Endless

by Gibson Culbreth


by Armel Dagorn

The Price of Victory

by Kristian Iliev

Cheers to the Gators

by Justin Hannah