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18 Aug


Have a close encounter of the word kind.

Flash Icon is here at last. We’ve got a handful of usual suspects making their way back into the Top 10, along with plenty of first-timers. This was an especially difficult contest to judge, but the results speak for themselves.

Strap those thinking caps back on for our next quarterly contest, a horror-themed contest titled #FlashFear, the issue for which will run on Halloween. We want you to run the gamut from bleak, sophisticated terror to genre splatter. Guidelines will be up within a few days.

Here’s looking at you, kid.”

– The Editor

1st Place

The Solstice Shade

by F.E. Clark


2nd Place

The Father of Terror

by Aeryn Rudel


3rd Place

My Own Private Idol

by Fiona Smith


Honorable Mentions

4th – The Further Adventures of Dorothy Gale

by Fred Senese

5th – Boleskine

by Christopher Stanley

6th – Crumbs

by Gabriel Thibodeau

7th – The Stories Hadley Hemingway Lost

by Robyn Ryle

8th – Visitation

by Allison Spector

9th – Post-Inauguration Day

by Shane Gannaway

10th – Trekkie

by Henry Whittier-Ferguson

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