Flash Fool

1 Apr

We’re happy to present the scrumptious morsels of our Flash Fool mega-issue—a whole issue designed to pull the rug out from under you! This is our third prize-winners issue and second mega-issue (featuring 10 prize-winners and honorable mentions). We had another great turnout for this contest, and the selection process was perhaps the most grueling we’ve had to endure. All you amazing writers with all your imaginative twists made it awfully hard on us to narrow this contest down. See our Results page for the shout-outs we gave to the close-but-no-cigar entries that barely missed squeaking into the final cut.

And the biggest twist of all? The same writer snagged both 2nd and 3rd place honors! That’s why we read ’em blind, folks.

Keep those peepers open for the announcement of our next quarterly contest, which will gear up within a week or so. Until then, chew on this clue about its theme: we’ll be calling it “Flash Fury.” 

“Nobody stores cotton candy like this!”
– The Editor 

Flash Fool Winner! 

Our Little Ghost

by JT Gill

2nd Place

Honey Devlin

by R.A. Roth

3rd Place

Strawberry Jam

by R.A. Roth


Honorable Mentions

4th – Sight of a Sneeze

by Colton Adrian

5th – Bottle Rocket

by Tracy Garbutt

6th – Three Brittle Pigs

by John Rickett

7th – Death Smells Like Bananas

by Carlos Orozco

8th – Peaches

by Stephanie Roman

 9th – Days to Go Until I Sleep

by Christina Villafaña Dalcher

10th – Mime on Trial

by Nicholas Lamb

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