Volume 6, Issue 11

18 Sep

Issue 6.11

Issue 6.11 sends in the clowns. 

This go-round features adulterous Jester-Americans, child-sized coffins and floors the seem to disappear beneath you. 

We’re putting the finishing touches on our Prize Winners print anthology featuring the cream of the crop from our first year’s worth of quarterly contests. Hoping to have that available by October 1st. And don’t wait too long to get cracking on your  Flash Monster II  contest entry. Hard to believe, but that deadline is coming up soon. Get ’em in by 10/15.

“That’s it…I’m going to clown college.”

– The Editor


by Angel Luis Colón

A Dream of Thunder Heard Remote

by Reid Maruyama


by James Guthrie

Volume 6, Issue 10

1 Sep

Issue 6.10

Issue 6.10 will light a fire under you.

We’ve got guys who were born with minuscule heads, baby coffins floating down rivers, and visions of dead fathers in rear view mirrors. This issue also features three authors from three different countries, with England, Canada, and the United States all being represented.

Our Flash Monster II contest is in full swing, so get those monster-themed entries in for a chance at $350 in prizes and sweet, sweet glory. Those deadlines sneak up fast. Speaking of which, we were hoping to get our Prize Winners print anthology available for purchase by now, but it’ll take us a few more weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on when and where you can snag a copy of that.

Well hello, Mr. Fancy Pants.”

– The Editor



by Spencer Chou

The River by the Garden

by Steve Passey


by Rich DiPippo

Volume 6, Issue 9

17 Aug

Issue 6.9.1

Issue 6.9 is more fun than a barrel of cobbled-together monkeys! 

This issue, we’ve got mermaids with vendettas, DIY messiahs, and knives that slide right in.

Don’t look now, but our Flash Monster II contest is already in full swing. You’ve got until 10/15/15 to submit your monstrous flash fiction for a chance at $350, but early birds are encouraged! We read in the order received. And keep your eyes peeled for details on our upcoming Poetry Sideshow contest. And our prize-winners print anthology will be dropping before you know it!

 “No, it’s pronounced ‘Fronkensteen.'”
– The Editor

Appetite for Destruction

by Anna Lea Jancewicz

Homemade Jesus

by David Novak

Madness, Monsoon and the Municipality

by George Paracka

Volume 6, Issue 8

2 Aug

Issue 6.8

Issue 6.8 proves that the road to Hell is paved with good flash fiction.

How great were the entries for our Flash Fury contest? So great that three of the pieces that didn’t make the Top 10 were accepted upon re-submission for Issue 6.8! We’re falling all over ourselves with happiness to present you this trio of dark and offbeat tales.

Speaking of contests, Flash Monster II is open for business. You have until 10/15 for a shot at $350 in prizes, but the earlier you submit the closer you are to the top of the pile, as we read in order received. Stay tuned for details about our Poetry Sideshow Contest, which will be opening soon. And our prize-winners print anthology is peeking up over the horizon as well.

“It would be extremely painful… for you.”

– The Editor

A Slice of Life

by Luke Schamer


by James Turner

Let’s Talk Rock ‘n’ Roll 

by Kyle Gordon

Flash Fury

15 Jul


Another wildly successful contest. Flash Fury was our most hotly contested flash-off yet, with both our highest turnout and the most difficult judging decisions we’ve ever had to make! So many great entries. Frankly, we’re exhausted. Also, you people are weird.

So let’s cut to the chase and get to those tremendous Flash Fury winners. Check out our results page for the close-but-no-cigar shout-outs to those who just barely missed the cut. And check back soon for details of our 2nd annual Flash Monster contest for the Halloween issue, and details on our upcoming poetry sideshow contest. We even have a Prize Winners print anthology on the way!

You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

– The Editor

Flash Fury Winner!

Goodbye, Sunshine

by Sylvia Heike

2nd Place

Cloud Rage

by Lisa Fagaly

3rd Place

Midgut Rock

by Layla Al-Bedawi


Honorable Mentions:

4th – Monkey Steals the Peaches

by Fred Senese

5th – Sunlight

by Melissa Monks

6th – Contagion

by Lindsay Dick

7th – Flight 442

by Heidi Sterling

8th – Here Is a Place to Be

by Joseph Grantham

9th – Angry Man Eats Squid

by Kyle Yadlowski

10th – Double Yellow

by Holly Collingwood

Flash Fury Results!

14 Jul

Time to bust out the crazy eyes…


Flash Fury has been another smash success. Now that we’ve got a few of these contests under our belt, it’s clear that the competition is getting even fiercer. This was by far the most difficult judging we’ve had to do. So much fury. You people should maybe think about talking to a therapist…

Given so many great entries, we’ll give a shout-out below to a few of the authors whose entries we loved, but who simply didn’t quite make the final cut. We had scores of strong entries, and we even had a good 35 pieces or so that knocked our socks off, but we had to whittle that down considerably. It was grueling to cut stories we loved. You all are bastards.

The Flash Fury issue will run late tomorrow (Wednesday, July 15th) and will feature our three cash prize winners along with the honorable mentions that round out our incredible Top 10. All prize winners and honorable mentions will also be featured in our Prize Winners print anthology, which we hope to have available by September 1st. 

And yet again, a huge thanks to our incredibly talented co-judge Mary Bond for her literary wisdom and hard work. She’ll be crafting the guidelines for our upcoming poetry contest sideshow (details to come soon).

So get cracking on those sinister stories for our 2nd annual Flash Monster contest, which will be kicking off within the next few weeks and will eventually flesh out our Halloween issue. 

As mentioned, a close but no cigar shout-out to Leif Johnson, Alexis Boddy, Kyle Gordon, Luke Schamer, James Turner, Bart Van Goethem, Aeryn Rudel, Crystal Galyean, David Novak (2), Rebecca Ladd, FJ Bergmann, Jean-Luc Bouchard, and that’s only naming a few. Really great stuff, guys.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…



Honorable Mentions:

10th place – “Double Yellow” by Holly Collingwood

9th place –  “Angry Man Eats Squid” by Kyle Yadlowsky

8th place – “Here Is a Place to Be” by Joseph Grantham

7th place –  “Flight 442” by Heidi Sterling

6th place – “Contagion” by Lindsay Dick

5th place – “Sunlight” by Melissa Monks

4th place – “Monkey Steals the Peaches” by Fred Senese


And now the cash money winners:
















3rd Place ($50) – “Midgut Rock” by Layla Al-Bedawi

2nd Place ($75) – “Cloud Rage” by Lisa Fagaly

1st Place ($200) – “Goodbye, Sunshine” by Sylvia Heike


Congrats to our deranged winners, and to everyone who entered. We literally couldn’t do these contests without you. Check back soon for the Prize Winners issue!

Volume 6, Issue 6

3 Jul

Issue 6.6

Issue 6.6 gets shot into space and comes back different, hits a gas station without thinking twice, and sharpens a knife on the whetstone tied around its neck.

Keep an eye on your inboxes for Flash Fury contest results, which should be posted by July 14th. Our next issue will feature the contest winners and honorable mentions. And we’ll soon be putting together a print anthology of all the contest winners from the past year. A poetry contest is in the works, and we’re only a few weeks away from details about the second annual Flash Monster contest. 

They’ll see and they’ll know, and they’ll say, “She wouldn’t even harm a fly.”

– The Editor

The Wharf Rat

by David Nilsen

No Longer Astronauts

by Mike Oliphant

Cardiac Arrest

by Jono Naito


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