Volume 6, Issue 13

16 Nov

Issue 6.13

After a brief hiatus to complete our Prize Winners Anthology and our special Flash Monster II mega-issue, our regular issues are back and better than ever.

This go-round we’ve got undiscovered corpses, grieving robots, and avuncular insanity.

Our next quarterly contest, Flash Phenom, is now open to submissions that focus on strange phenomena (think “The Twilight Zone” or “The X-Files”). We’ve even got a special Early Bird rate until November 25th, so get cracking!

“It rubs the lotion on its skin…”

– The Editor 

Highway Cleanup

by Nicholas Rys

Buried Hearts

by Michael Owens

Asylum Uncle

by Kirby Wright

Flash Monster II

31 Oct

flash monster cover (final)

Whoever said that sequels have to suck?

The quality of the entries in our Flash Monster II contest was top shelf, making the judging process that much more grueling for yours truly and associate editor Mary Bond. But that means that we’re giving our readers some Grade-A monster-themed flash fiction.

Each entry you see here will be included in next year’s Prize Winners Anthology (if you haven’t scooped this year’s print anthology, for shame). And we’re hoping to publish a print chapbook of Flash Monster II within the next few weeks for those who like the feel of paper in their hands. 

“We have such sights to show you.”

– The Editor

Flash Monster Winner

The Testimony of the Accused

by Colin Rowe

2nd Place

Come Home, Sweetheart

by Cassandra A. Clarke

3rd Place

Brother Stone

by Manuel Royal




Honorable Mentions:

4th – Beyond the Block

by Aeryn Rudel

5th – Decent People

by Shawn Campbell

6th – The Garbage Men

by MB Vigil

7th – Pilot Holes

by Colton Adrian

8th – Table

by Rhett Davis

9th – Bodies in the Snow

by Chris Milam

10th – A Hands-Off Approach

by Sherry Morris

Flash Monster II Results!

30 Oct

Strike up the band…
monster band

…the Flash Monster winners have arrived. 

Flash Monster II had a strong turnout, topping last year’s original Flash Monster contest by a handful of entries. The quality seems to be going up as well, as the selection process was truly grueling, especially among the Top 30 or so. 

A big thanks to associate editor Mary Bond for keeping everything on track and helping to ensure that we really did pick the crème de la crème. 

We had quite the international turnout this time around. We received entries from the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, France, and Australia! Heaps of entries from our friends in the UK, so a big thanks from across the pond. 

Again, this was a very close competition, and we have some shout-outs to those who didn’t quite make the final cut. Close-but-no-cigar awards go to Carly Hallman, Sylvia Heike, Christina Dalcher, Ashley Hutson, Dave Mylet, Tim Roberts, R.A. Roth, Mike Sweeney, Kyle Yadlowsky (2), Kathryn Trattner, Sarah Amundson, Amanda Chiado, Kevin Corvus, Tracy Garbutt,  Daniel Hughes, David Novak, Chris Iacono, Voima Oy, Dean MacPherson, Tina Garvin, and Charles Crowley.

The winners you’ll find below will not only appear in the Flash Monster II mega-issue, which will drop over the weekend, but they will also be included in next year’s Prize Winners Anthology. We’re also tinkering with the idea of releasing a Flash Monster II print chapbook (and Kindle version) within the next month. More on that soon. 

But enough yammering, let’s get to the goods.

Honorable Mentions

10th Place – “A Hands-Off Approach” by Sherry Morris
9th Place – “Bodies in the Snow” by Chris Milam
8th Place – “Table” by Rhett Davis
7th Place – “Pilot Holes” by Colton Adrian
6th Place – “The Garbage Men” by Dennis Baker
5th Place – “Decent People” by Shawn Campbell
4th Place – “Beyond the Block” by Aeryn Rudel


And now the prize winners who made it to the big dance…



3rd Place ($50) 
“Brother Stone” by Steven Doyle

2nd Place ($100) 
“Come Home, Sweetheart” by Cassandra Clarke

1st Place ($200)
“The Testimony of the Accused” by Colin Rowe


Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Flash Monster II contest. We literally couldn’t do this without you. Check back over the weekend for the Flash Monster II mega-issue!

Print Anthology Released!

16 Oct

prize winners


** Order Prize Winners Anthology here **

We at The Molotov Cocktail are excited to announce that our very first print issue, the Prize Winners Anthology, is complete and available for purchase on Amazon! It was a long time coming, and took a hell of a lot of work, but that just makes the finished product all the sweeter. Right now, you can order the anthology directly from Amazon, but in the future we’ll also be making it available for purchase through the site here so we can add some bonus treats to your purchase (and we’ll be offering some bundle options as well).

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who entered our quarterly contests over the past year. Without you, we wouldn’t have an anthology. I’d also like to thank our extremely talented associate editor, Mary Lenoir Bond, for her hard work and especially for her keen eyes and ears during our judging process.

If you want to be in our next print anthology, you’ll want to place in the Top 10 in one of our quarterly contests. While our initial deadline for #FlashMonster passed last night, you can still submit for a few bucks more via our Proctrastinators’ Special, which runs until 10/19. 

“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”

Josh Goller

Print Anthology Update

14 Oct

prize winners


Big things are happening at The Molotov Cocktail headquarters. As you can see, our final proof of the Prize Winners Anthology has arrived, and we’re on the verge of approving it for release!

Also, our initial Flash Monster II deadline is 11:59 PST on 10/15, so get those entries in while you can. As usual, we’ll  then be running a Procrastinators’ Special (with corresponding fee increase) until 10/19 for any of you stragglers.

This flurry of activity means we’ve had to take a breather from our regular content. Our next issue will be the Flash Monster mega-issue on Halloween. And we’ll return to our usual semimonthly issues on 11/15.

But check back in the meantime for the exciting announcements about our Prize Winners Anthology release and the results of the Flash Monster contest!

– The Editor

Volume 6, Issue 11

18 Sep

Issue 6.11

Issue 6.11 sends in the clowns. 

This go-round features adulterous Jester-Americans, child-sized coffins and floors the seem to disappear beneath you. 

We’re putting the finishing touches on our Prize Winners print anthology featuring the cream of the crop from our first year’s worth of quarterly contests. Hoping to have that available by October 1st. And don’t wait too long to get cracking on your  Flash Monster II  contest entry. Hard to believe, but that deadline is coming up soon. Get ’em in by 10/15.

“That’s it…I’m going to clown college.”

– The Editor


by Angel Luis Colón

A Dream of Thunder Heard Remote

by Reid Maruyama


by James Guthrie

Volume 6, Issue 10

1 Sep

Issue 6.10

Issue 6.10 will light a fire under you.

We’ve got guys who were born with minuscule heads, baby coffins floating down rivers, and visions of dead fathers in rear view mirrors. This issue also features three authors from three different countries, with England, Canada, and the United States all being represented.

Our Flash Monster II contest is in full swing, so get those monster-themed entries in for a chance at $350 in prizes and sweet, sweet glory. Those deadlines sneak up fast. Speaking of which, we were hoping to get our Prize Winners print anthology available for purchase by now, but it’ll take us a few more weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on when and where you can snag a copy of that.

Well hello, Mr. Fancy Pants.”

– The Editor



by Spencer Chou

The River by the Garden

by Steve Passey


by Rich DiPippo


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