Flash Frenzy results!

17 Feb

Flash Frenzy results have dropped.

We asked to unleash frenzied flash fiction, and you didn’t disappoint. A flurry of entries shocked us, thrilled us, and made our skin crawl. As always, we’re so appreciative that you’ve granted us access to these dark and offbeat corners of your brains. 

Once again, we were happy to see the international turnout. We read entries from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, the UK, and the USA. 

But you probably skipped down to the results without reading this part anyway, so… purple monkey dishwasher! 

The following writers had stories that made it through several rounds of cuts, but didn’t quite squeak into the Top 10.

Close-but-no-cigar shortlist shout-outs go to:

E.A. Bagby
Amy Barnes
Andrew Boulton
Laura Cody
Andrea DeAngelis
Anne Gresham
Abi Hennig
Hannah Hoare
Porter Huddleston
Omar Hussain
Conor Kenny
Daria Lavelle
Mina Manchester
KC Mead-Brewer
Benedict O’Rourke
Aeryn Rudel (2)
Delaney S. Saul
Robin Stone
Matt Weatherbee
Margret Wiggins
Alpheus Williams

The Top 10 that you’ll find below will be published in our forthcoming Flash Frenzy mega-issue, which will drop within a week. They will also be included in a future Prize Winners Anthology print issue.

10th Place – “The Spare Room During a Storm” by Meg Mulcahy
9th Place – “Lovesong” by Alice Maglio
8th Place – “Cohabitating” by Trahearne Falvey
7th Place – “Only Four Letters Arrived” by Jaylee Alde
6th Place – “Underbelly” by Alice Kaltman
5th Place – “In the Darkness, There Is Light” by Paul de Denus
4th Place – “The Eternity Ring” by Jan Kaneen


And now on to the three stories that struck a chord with us…


3rd Place ($75)

by Alpheus Williams


2nd Place ($125)

“For the Birds”
by Amanda Crum


1st Place ($250)

by Stephen Hundley


Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to everyone who participated in our Flash Frenzy contest.

Check back within a week for the Flash Frenzy mega-issue.

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