Volume 6, Issue 19

17 Feb

Issue 6.19

Issue 6.19 gets straight to the point.

This issue feeds baby mice to tarantulas, covets a new pair of spy goggles, and dreams of bones.

We’ve got flash fiction by last year’s Flash Fury winner (with a piece that reached close-but-no-cigar status in our Flash Phenom contest) and we’ve got two wildly talented first-time contributors to boot. Speaking of contests, our #ShadowAward poetry contest is now open to submissions, and we’ll be kicking off our #FlashFelon crime fiction contest within a few days!

“I’m your number one fan.”

– The Editor

Curse Upon a Star

by Sylvia Heike

The Dregs

by Ryan Dempsey

What It Costs

by Justin Eells

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