Flash Monster II Results!

30 Oct

Strike up the band…
monster band

…the Flash Monster winners have arrived. 

Flash Monster II had a strong turnout, topping last year’s original Flash Monster contest by a handful of entries. The quality seems to be going up as well, as the selection process was truly grueling, especially among the Top 30 or so. 

A big thanks to associate editor Mary Bond for keeping everything on track and helping to ensure that we really did pick the crème de la crème. 

We had quite the international turnout this time around. We received entries from the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, France, and Australia! Heaps of entries from our friends in the UK, so a big thanks from across the pond. 

Again, this was a very close competition, and we have some shout-outs to those who didn’t quite make the final cut. Close-but-no-cigar awards go to Carly Hallman, Sylvia Heike, Christina Dalcher, Ashley Hutson, Dave Mylet, Tim Roberts, R.A. Roth, Mike Sweeney, Kyle Yadlowsky (2), Kathryn Trattner, Sarah Amundson, Amanda Chiado, Kevin Corvus, Tracy Garbutt,  Daniel Hughes, David Novak, Chris Iacono, Voima Oy, Dean MacPherson, Tina Garvin, and Charles Crowley.

The winners you’ll find below will not only appear in the Flash Monster II mega-issue, which will drop over the weekend, but they will also be included in next year’s Prize Winners Anthology. We’re also tinkering with the idea of releasing a Flash Monster II print chapbook (and Kindle version) within the next month. More on that soon. 

But enough yammering, let’s get to the goods.

Honorable Mentions

10th Place – “A Hands-Off Approach” by Sherry Morris
9th Place – “Bodies in the Snow” by Chris Milam
8th Place – “Table” by Rhett Davis
7th Place – “Pilot Holes” by Colton Adrian
6th Place – “The Garbage Men” by Dennis Baker
5th Place – “Decent People” by Shawn Campbell
4th Place – “Beyond the Block” by Aeryn Rudel


And now the prize winners who made it to the big dance…



3rd Place ($50) 
“Brother Stone” by Steven Doyle

2nd Place ($100) 
“Come Home, Sweetheart” by Cassandra Clarke

1st Place ($200)
“The Testimony of the Accused” by Colin Rowe


Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Flash Monster II contest. We literally couldn’t do this without you. Check back over the weekend for the Flash Monster II mega-issue!

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