Volume 5, Issue 20

17 Jan

Issue 5.20

Issue 5.20 is 50-feet tall if it’s an inch. 

This issue we’ve got dead good girls stuffed in nose-bending boxes, a soap gobbling shut-in, and priceless handbags containing dead dogs. 

Flash Future is now in the past, and our next quarterly contest, Flash Fool, is now in full swing. $325 in total cash prizes this time around. Get your twist-ending on!

We’ll be sending out notices to folks who we want to include in our upcoming Best of The Molotov Cocktail print anthology. Contest finalists are automatically in, but we’ll be picking many other pieces from regular issues over the past five years! 

There was an old woman who swallowed a fly; perhaps she’ll die.

– The Editor


by Nini Berndt

The Handbags of Hyacinth McQueen Ben-Zev

by Maris Finn

When the Soap Runs Out

by Ashley Lamb-Sinclair

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