Flash Future Winners!

1 Jan


So it’s New Year’s Eve/Early New Year’s Day. The Flash Future selection process was grueling, mainly because you badass writers are so damn good. We had fewer entries than Flash Monster, but overall a higher level of quality. The Top 10 were so fantastic that, instead of only publishing the three prize winners like last time, we’re gonna drop the honorable mentions on you too! 

But that’ll have to wait until long after our New Year’s Eve champagne hangover takes hold. We’ll get the issue up sometime in the next day or so, after a couple hair-of-the-dog mimosas and all that. 

Until then, here’s the nitty gritty.

Honorable Mentions:
10th place – “An American Junkie Foresees His Death” by Juan Carlos Orozco
9th place – “The Anniversary” by Anthony Nichols
8th place – “Nothing To It” by David Novak
7th place – “Your Child: Perfected” by Alex Cothren
6th place – “Infernum” by Chris Milam
5th place – “Swashmarks” by Chris White
4th place – “#BrinkLegislation” by Puneet Dutt

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in "Back to the Future"  1985

And the cash money winners:
3rd place: “The Misfit Annex” by Holly Troupe ($25)
2nd place: “Night Walk” by Aeryn Rudel ($50)
1st place: “Natural Selection” by Sarena Ulibarri ($200) 

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