Volume 5, Issue 9

1 Aug

Issue 5.9

Issue 5.9 has you right where it wants you.

This issue features a man who is literally falling to pieces, the only to-do list you’ll ever need, and a true champ who’s slogging through a fiction contest slush pile.

Speaking of fiction contests, we’re ecstatic by the response that our Flash Monster contest received. The deadline (and extended deadline) have come and gone, and we’re excited to let your monsters out of their cages and see which one comes out on top. The contest literally doubled our expectations, and we’re already planning future themed contests. So now we best get to reading. Flash Monster winners will be announced around September 1st.

You say goodbye and I say hello,

Josh Goller


At the Seams

by Aeryn Rudel

Job Jones and the Long-Suffering Fiction Contest

by Mir-Yashar Seyedbagher

In the Meantime

by Travis Roberts



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