Volume 4, Issue 1

1 Apr

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the terrorist attack in Boston, Issue 4.2, which was scheduled to go live on April 15th, is being postponed. Some of the violence in that issue hits too close to home to today’s atrocity, and out of the respect for the victims I’m going to delay its release. Thanks for understanding. – Josh Goller


You know that feeling you get when the paper mache finally dries on the human skeleton you’ve dug up, and at long last you get to erect your new friend in the turnip patch out back to ward off the crows?

That’s how excited we are about starting Volume 4.

This issue features oddities and marvels by Mike Joyce, Sarah Kobrinsky, and Miguel Lasala. We’ve got violence with a heart, correspondence with the dead, and Alec Baldwin’s biggest fan. 

Keep those sweet, sweet submissions flowing.

Josh Goller

Dressing Room Fashion Show from an
Ex-Fiancée in Iowa

by Mike Joyce

Good Things

by Sarah Kobrinsky

Letters to Conrad

by Miguel Lasala

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