Volume 3, Issue 19

15 Dec


One thing’s for god damn sure, Issue 3.19 is more fun than an unnecessary invasive procedure.

Way more fun, in fact, given that this is the most altogether solid issue we’ve put out in the last six months! Not just saying that since it’s the last issue before the Mayan apocalypse.

So dig into the goodness that is returning all-star Justin J. Brouckaert, who knocks one down from beyond the arc, and impressive rookies Jim Breslin and Jules Archer.

Happy holidays, all you. And get ready to open your pocketbooks for our Best Of anthology in the ’13.

Stay dark,

Josh Goller

I Measure Myself Against Other Men…

by Justin J. Brouckaert

Laugh Track

by Jim Breslin

Linda Lovelace Eats a Banana

by Jules Archer

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