breadStarvation Camp

by John Rovito

The bread is molded. The milk has gone sour. Ants and cockroaches bite at their skin. Even if they wanted to eat their bodies won’t allow it. Still, we have our precautions. Everyone is handcuffed to the rail of their bed. The more violent we place in the detention cages. Either way it doesn’t last long. Without adequate protein the energy drains, first to fatigue then into coma. After that it’s a short ride to the bins. All things considered, an efficient process. The problem is there are too many applicants. Crybabies and snotnoses. Troublemakers and brats. The pain in the ass that won’t leave mommy alone. That’s why the interviews are all important. Talk to the parent and you’ll know the child. Naturally there are exceptions; people who want to get rid of their kids without adequate justification. These we dismiss with a polite thank-you note. But with the others, you recognize the problem immediately. Bad grades, drug use, an unlikely future. Worthless little uglies without merit or grace. A situation like that needs to be redressed. Once the parents are freed from their burden, they finally have time to live for themselves, to take a vacation or buy a home at the beach. Not cater to weaklings or the mentally infirm. 


John Rovito is a novelist and short story writer living in Englewood, NJ.

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