pawDog Guttural 

by John Rovito

They find my sister running like a dog in the Pine Barrens, mud-soaked and blistered, her hair a tangle of vines. A producer decides that she’s perfect for television.  A reality show filmed in the wild. The first episode features a reunion with my parents. Both of them cry; she sniffs at their legs. In episode two, she’s set loose into the wilderness. Five contestants are charged with tracking her down.  One comes back with his body half eaten.  The rest disappear and can’t be found. Midway through the season she records a video. The footage goes viral with two million hits.  In the final scene she squats and howls at her feces.   Her followers are thrilled and shit in their pants.


John Rovito is a novelist and short story writer living in Englewood, NJ.
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