Dr. X and Miss Y

by Thomas McColl

Last week, police raided the practice of Dr. X, a renowned expert in the field of acupuncture, and found a pin-stuck wax doll made in the exact image of the surgery’s wealthiest celebrity client, a Miss Y, who’d been tipped off that the sharp pains she thought were caused by migraines were something worse, and was shelling out money simply to be cured of Dr. X’s voodoo curse.

Dr. X was taken into custody, and charged with obtaining money by
deception, and causing CBH: Cursed Bodily Harm.

He wasn’t there for long, however. Miss Y, as soon as she took one look at the doll’s uncanny but unflattering likeness, requested all charges be dropped, and served an injunction to make sure that photo publication of the voodoo doll was stopped.

She said the doll looked nothing like her, and so could not have caused the pain, and accepted Dr. X’s explanation that he’d simply found the effigy in a gift shop while on holiday in Haiti.

The following day, the migraines, which had ceased, were back, and driven almost insane, Miss Y rushed back to Dr. X, to once more enlist his help in easing the terrible pain.

Thomas McColl is 41, lives in London, recently came second in 4’33’ magazine’s 60 second story contest, and is due to have a short story published in Notes from the Underground in August. His favourite short story is Gogol’s “Diary of a Madman” and the one song he never tires of listening to is Bob’s Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues.”
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