Bull-Leaping to Bach Cantata No. 54
(Stand Firm Against Sin)

by Brad Rose

I once knew a girl who sang in her sleep, hummed Bach cantatas.  So pretty, the sleep-soaked notes, levitating above her pillow, her musical murmur, beckoning the night to draw closer.  She was Danish, charming, traveling the Mediterranean.  What did I know about music? A brash American, barely 21, flotsam in the blue latitudes where once, the minotaur lived and naked boys tumbled over the heads of bulls.  In Heraklion, Bettina whispered the hot, still night to sleep, while in my tossing restlessness, all I could dream about was a rhythm section.  And horns.


Brad Rose was raised about a mile from where the Apollo space capsules were built, and about 240,000 miles from the moon.
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