Immersion Learning at the Museum

by Laura J. Bobrow


Fistfuls of crayons strike conflicting marks

on giant-sized newspaper drawing pads.

In the Modern Museum’s atrium

crouch Jenny, David, Eric, as well as

an unspecified number of Matthews.


With whole arm movements the children finish

their pictures and gather materials.

They file down the stairs, except for Eric

who, changed into a puppet, is now perched

on a display counter in the gift shop.


David crawls easily through the metal

rail to hang suspended over the first

floor gallery. With arms and legs secured

by pivots, his body gyrates slowly

achieving stasis and going beyond.


Jenny slips behind the glass of a frame. 

There she slouches in bare, voluptuous

insolence.  Head down, her eyes focus on

her right hand as it caresses a red

cloth. “La Parisienne” reads the placard.


Are the three not missed? You may well inquire.

No. All the children are accounted for.

Laura J. Bobrow has had several careers simultaneously as an author, magazine editor, folksinger, sculptor, painter, and lyricist.  Currently she combines the two pursuits she loves, storytelling and poetry. Her work has appeared extensively in journals and anthologies here and abroad. 
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