Elements Lost and Found

by Mori Glaser

  1. Mirrored

Do you remember singing in the dark

after burrowing under living skin? 

On salt shores beyond the glass

mermaids and human angels hid and ripened

cliffs blazed with unquenched dreams

elements refracted our shadows

or entombed us while water deafened air.

Chalk it up to periodic tables Mrs Lot.

Oh but there may be dragons. Take a look.       


  1. Jettisoned

Beached hard on rough pebbles

tail thrashing toward the waves

fingers sifting sand for bedrock

face stinging hair-whipped

I wave away crows pecking for my eyes

can’t float won’t crawl just pray

and wait for a blessed tide

before abuse from dogs or humankind.

I lean back into the relief of rain.


  1. Fallen

Feathers fold and wait to evolve away

to vestigial blades blunted out of service

flight grounded in exchange for roots

that reach deep inside my rewarded body

still nostalgic for windblown divinities.

Taught to strive for a mirage of wings

I can’t forget rare blossoms that I find

in elemental beds shed with stellar light where

I luxuriate in earth and recall my angel days.

Born in Britain, Mori Glaser moved to Israel 30 years ago. She has written and blogged for nonprofits. Her poetry and flash appears in journals and anthologies including Unbroken, Writers Hub, Crack the Spine, Akashic Books Thursdaze web series, Arc and the forthcoming Vine Leaves coffee-table book.
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