Flash Felon


Our Flash Felon mega-issue is full of sinister figures lurking in the shadows. 

Two of our Top 3 stories in this contest come from writers were who honorable mentions in previous contests. Always good to see.

Don’t forget to check out our results page to take a peek at the coveted close-but-no-cigar shout-outs. Our next quarterly contest theme will be Flash Icon and will require an iconic person, place or thing. Details within a week or two. And keep those dark and offbeat poetry submissions rolling in for the Shadow Awardpoetry contest. Soft deadline 5/31. 

And now, on to the goods.

Say ‘hello’ to my little friend.” 

– The Editor

Flash Felon Winner

The London Umbrella Company

by Jan Kaneen

2nd Place


by Henry Whittier-Ferguson

3rd Place

Blood Feather and Soft Feather

by Melissa Monks


Honorable Mentions:

4th – Everything Must Go

by Emily Livingstone

5th – Beyond the Briars

by Joshua Patterson

6th – The Sitting Room

by Aeryn Rudel

7th – Jokers to the Right

by Rich Larson

8th – Libertas

by Warren Buchanan

9th – The Noose on the Roof

by Charles Scott

10th – Space Monkey Mafia

by Allison Spector

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