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Another contest, another issue packed full of the bizarre. This mega-issue features anthropomorphic arachnids, accursed winters, dreaming gods, fun-house mirrors, overworked reflections, crows flying through walls, woodland disappearances, superpower-bestowing hats, body-shaming ghosts, and mouse-gobbling mothers. 

You people sure come up with some weird stuff. 

Enough from us. Let’s get to the goods. Don’t forget to check out our results page to see who scored our coveted close-but-no-cigar shout-outs. And keep your eyes peeled for info about both our upcoming poetry contest and our next quarterly contest, Flash Felon, with its crime-oriented theme.

Sometimes, dead is better.”

– The Editor 

Flash Phenom Winner
House Spiders

by Shane Page

2nd Place 
Season of the Dead

by Robin Jeffrey

3rd Place
Dream Logic

by R.A. Roth


Honorable Mentions:

4th – The Summer of Infinite Possibilities

by G.G. Silverman

5th – Waiting

by Jan Kaneen

6th – Wisdom Tooth

by Leanne Radojkovich

7th – The Cave

by Premee Mohamed

8th – A Man of Many Hats

by Aeryn Rudel

9th – Aria

by Seth Augenstein

10th – Finding Moonlight

by James R. Gapinski

Check back soon for our Flash Phenom contest mega-issue.

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