Solly’s Portion

by Robert Laughlin

2 broken engagements,
5 discarded invitations to high school and college reunions,
9 Ford Mustangs, mostly used,
31 Ferris Bueller-esque days off from a loathsome office job,
64 houseplants dead from inept care,
78 six-packs of canned Bud, because there were no cases available,
371 sutures, including 160 unhealed when he died following heart surgery,
674 servings of beef kabob, all eaten at restaurants,
2280 wet dreams remembered after waking,
6455 dollars lost, net, on sports wagers,
13, 493 days without a single thought about the family he left in his hometown,
and 197,311 commuter driving miles
were Solly’s portion.


Robert Laughlin lives in Chico, California, in a Craftsman bungalow that deserves the attention of a well-heeled future owner. Mr. Laughlin’s website is at
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