Leave the City

by Claire Joanne Huxham

We left the city delirious, the future in our mouths.  You laughed and cranked it up a gear while I wound the window down and threw my shoes out of the car.  I twisted and watched them bounce, white on asphalt.

Now we can never go back.

We’ve got the best seats in the house.  I offer you a buttered scone but you’re too busy looking at the sky.  It’s crimson electric and angry, so angry.  Red sky at night my dad always said, but I get the feeling this sky’ll be red for a long, long time.  A column of smoke and so much liquid fire.  It’s gone midnight but a hot, dry wind is blowing.  It smells feral.

We can never go back.


Claire Joanne Huxham spends most of her time obsessing over Buffy and Battlestar Galactica.   She’s also quite keen on sushi, cats, and cheese, but probably not in that order.
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