Vol. 5, Issue 4

Issue 5.4Wintergreen Flakes

by Steven Stam

Entomological Ascendence

by William Bradley

Soon Enough We Started Killin’ 

by S. Thomas Summers


Issue 5.4 is making a splash (and other puns). 

For those keeping score at home, this go-round marks our 100th issue. No big deal. 

We’ve also got wrought iron fence-lickers, bug girls, a BFFs of famous outlaws. Steven Stam, William Bradley, and S. Thomas Summers bring the heat as three first-time contributors.

Don’t forget about getting your Flash Monster entries ready for our first ever contest with prize money. Winner gets $200 and runners up get some dolla bills as well. Top 3 contest submissions will also get automatic placement in our very special prize-winners Halloween issue! 

I am the one who knocks,
Josh Goller

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