Flash Monster II

flash monster cover (final)

Whoever said that sequels have to suck?

The quality of the entries in our Flash Monster II contest was top shelf, making the judging process that much more grueling for yours truly and associate editor Mary Bond. But that means that we’re giving our readers some Grade-A monster-themed flash fiction.

Each entry you see here will be included in next year’s Prize Winners Anthology(if you haven’t scooped this year’s print anthology, for shame). And we’re hoping to publish a print chapbook of Flash Monster II within the next few weeks for those who like the feel of paper in their hands.

“We have such sights to show you.”

– The Editor

Flash Monster Winner

The Testimony of the Accused

by Colin Rowe

2nd Place

Come Home, Sweetheart

by Cassandra A. Clarke

3rd Place

Brother Stone

by Manuel Royal

Honorable Mentions:

4th – Beyond the Block

by Aeryn Rudel

5th – Decent People

by Shawn Campbell

6th – The Garbage Men

by MB Vigil

7th – Pilot Holes

by Colton Adrian

8th – Table

by Rhett Davis

9th – Bodies in the Snow

by Chris Milam

10th – A Hands-Off Approach

by Sherry Morris

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